Juror Profile

Greta Spatz
Women with disabilities - the accomplishments in their individual categories and their valuable commitment towards an inclusive society are able to receive the visibility and recognition they deserve through the Her Abilities Award. I hope this will inspire many more women to do the same. Being a member of the jury is a great honor and an even greater joy for me!
Greta Spatz. Photo Credit: Charlie Scheichenost


Special Education Teacher, Moderator, Project lead of "Und du so?"



Short Biography

Greta Scheichenost (Spatz) was born in 1989 and currently lives out her passion as a special education teacher in Vienna, Austria. Apart from working as a teacher, she also leads the disability awareness project called "Und du so?" (And you?), she has published various articles, has taken part in podcasts in German-speaking countries all within the topic of inclusion and diversity. In addition, she has taken part in and has moderated panel discussions on the topic of disability law.

Above all else, Greta is inspired by her students and hopes that through her actions she can contribute to a society that gives diversity and inclusive living a chance.