The Winners

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The first global award honouring the achievements of women with disabilities

Winner in categories

Her Abilities awards the achievements of women with disabilities globally from the following three categories:


Health & Education

Women with disabilities from the health or education sector.

Winner name
Toyin Janet Aderemi

Reason for winning
“Toyin Janet Aderemi has impressed me, because she is unbelievably dedicated to the interests of people with disabilities. At the same time, she has a very spectacular CV and uses her experience to advocate for sexual and reproductive health – an issue which is especially important for people with disabilities.” (jury member Ninia La Grande)



Women with disabilities from the advocacy and rights sector, who advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and their inclusion.

Winner name
Ashrafun Nahar

Reason for winning
“I recommend Ashrafun Nahal from Bangladesh for the category “Rights”, because of the work she is doing both in her country, region and internationally. She has created and been involved with the creation of a number of organizations that are focusing on the empowerment of disabled women and addressing issues such as gender-based violence which is a significant problem that disabled and non-disabled women face. (jury member Judith Heumann)


Arts, Culture & Sports

Women with disabilities from the arts, culture and sports sectors.

Winner name
Musola Catherine Kaseketi

Reason for winning
“I was inspired by her story, her strength and perseverance and above all for her educational spirit” (jury member Mariam Doumbia)