Nominations for the 2020 Her Abilities Award are now open. Spread the word. 

2020 has been nothing short of… eventful. We’ve seen catastrophic bush fires in Australia, the global COVID19 pandemic, and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, uniting people worldwide against racism and police violence. 

And if there’s one thing we can say for sure, it’s that women with disabilities have been a part of it all. Whether on the front lines or ploughing a quiet furrow for progress, many women with disabilities are role models in these times of crisis and renewal. Their situation often means they face extra danger – which makes their bravery even more awe-inspiring. Yet, too often, their stories remain unheard. 

Her Abilities wants to change all that. It’s the first global award honouring the achievements of women with disabilities, celebrating greatness in their life and field of work. 
By highlighting their achievements, Light for the World aims to celebrate success, break down barriers in public perception, and build a strong network of women championing justice, equality and excellence. 

Judging the award is a jury of high-profile women including US disability rights activist Judith Heumann; Ghanaian businesswoman Farida Bedwei; UK Paralympian Susannah Rodgers; and Nigerian disability rights leader Ekaete Judith Umoh.  

Nominations can be made in three categories: Health and Education; Rights; and Arts, Culture and Sport. 

So, do you know an inspiring woman with disabilities? Tell us about her abilities. Nominate her  today: 


Her Abilities Award