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Information for the Nominator
  • When can candidates be nominated?
    Nominations start from 8. March 2019 and close on 21. June 2019.
  • Who can be nominated?
    Only women  with disabilities (from the age of 18) can be nominated.
    Three categories available:
    • Health & Education
    • Rights
    • Art, Culture & Sports
  • How often can I nominate someone?
    Please be aware that winners are chosen by the jury and the number of nominations does not affect the outcome of who is chosen. We discourage nominating the same person multiple times.
  • Nomination by email
    If you have trouble using the webform on this page, please fill out this accessible form and submit it via email to Please make sure to include all the information the webform asks for (including the permission for the nominee’s data to be processed by Light for the World) and attach a portrait photo of the nominee.

See all details about the Criteria for Nomination.