We recently shared with partner organisations a tweet about the Her Abilities Award. The tweet said: “Focus on our 99 abilities, not our 1 disability”. There was a language issue with the way we presented this tweet.

The tweet did not show the personal context of the quote – which came directly from a woman with a disability involved in the Award, commenting on her own life experience.

We understand how the final presentation of our tweet, which missed the above context, caused some confusion and misunderstanding. We are sorry for any unintended impact or offence caused.

The Award’s aims are to highlight the achievements of women with disabilities and celebrate success; break down barriers in public perception; and build a strong network of women committed to the further pursuit of equality and excellence.

We will continue to work towards these aims with people with disabilities including those who are our esteemed Jury members, the wider strong network of influential women who support the Award, and the six outstanding Her Abilities Laureates from 2018 and 2019:

https://www.her-abilities-award.org/winners-2019: Maysoon Zayid, Dr Liisa Kauppinen, Nguyen Thi Van

https://www.her-abilities-award.org/winners-2018: Musola Cathrine Kaseketi, Toyin Janet Aderemi, Ashrafun Nahar

Thank you to the disabled activists who brought the topic to ours, and our partners’, attention. We welcome and will continually listen to feedback on the Award and communications around it. We look forward to creating even stronger, collaborative impact for 2020 towards the Award’s aims.

Statement on our Twitter communication